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Preferred Business Solutions is an independent telecom and IT agency bringing over 50 years of telecom and IT experience to your business.

We’ll work with you to learn your current and future objectives, and present you with a choice of best-of-breed options for your consideration.

Our Independence is Your Advantage®

Why choose us


We Understand your Needs

We'll work with you to understand your decision criteria and budgetary constraints.

Solutions from Best-of-Breed Providers

Once we have worked with you to understand your business needs, we will source the best-of-breed providers in the marketplace to provide you with a selection of solutions that can meet these requirements.

Single, Local Point of Contact

We will provide you with contracts directly from the vendors you've selected.

Provide Lifecycle Support

After installation, we will continue to work as your advocate with the vendors you've selected, keeping in mind your business objectives, and looking for the best possible fit for your business requirements as technology changes.
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